• Retraction image description
    Greater control & faster measuring with the Drag Strip™
  • Accuracy image description
    Wide end hook increases tape catch for precision marking
  • Reach image description
    10 ft. standout enables one person to stretch tape to target
  • Durability image description
    Rugged co-molded grip protects tape from drops or abuse
  • Storage image description
    Integrated D-ring allows for easy hanging storage
image description image description

Innovative Drag Strip™ provides finger access for retraction control & fast measuring

image description

Wide end hook holds better and makes marking easier

image description

Rigid blade allows
10 feet of stand out

image description

Rugged case allows for added control & grip

image description

Integrated D-ring for tether strap or easy hanging storage


Introducing the Control Series™ Tape Measure from Lufkin®

When it comes to serious construction jobs, there's no substitute for a dependable measuring tape. Get the job done faster with the brand-new Control Series™ tape measure from Lufkin®!

Unlike traditional tape measures, the innovative Drag Strip™ feature provides finger access for retraction control allowing smooth, easy retraction with just the touch of a finger. Featuring a 10-foot standout, wide end-hook and durable design, this state-of-the-art measuring tape delivers unparalleled accuracy and efficiency to help you make tough measurements in no time flat.

Whether you're a professional or just a passionate DIYer, you'll find that Lufkin's Control Series with Drag Strip™ tape measure is unlike anything you've ever experienced before.